Production of Space

(Oh-Mah Walking)



Constructed Arrangement of Domestic Objects






Arranging Mexican and American objects on a dining table, from American snapshots to poster treat Mexican pan dulces, all intermingled together.  Running alongside the table set-up is a 1-minute footage of 1990s American sitcom show “Full House”. The sitcom chronicles a widowed father with his best friend and brother-in-law to help raise his three daughters. Shown is a kitchen scene where the brother-in-law is comically playing the archetype role of a mother making dinner for three children. Subsequently of the 1-minute segment of “Full House” is followed by 1-minute segment of current Mexican telenovela “Mi Corazon es Tuyo”. The Mexican telenovela’s protagonists is a widowed father of seven unruly children, who needs to choose between two women antagonist, a nanny or an economist to help raise his children. The video segment is set in a kitchen, with the antagonist, a maid wearing traditional Mexican dress, and children; in the scene two small boys play a trick on the woman involving an orange soda can and as a result the woman gets sprayed with the orange soda. The audio segment of “Mi Corazon es Tuyo” is spoken in Spanish, with non-subtitles. The video is in a context of domesticity exploring current issues such as identity and race, while challenging ideas of gender roles, agency, and power.